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Lois Walfrid Johnson makes reading fun. Her fast-moving novels help us care about whether her characters win. They’re like people we know down the block or in our own families. Can they overcome whatever they face?

International Author

Lois is the author of hundreds of shorter pieces and 38 books. Her work has been published throughout the world and translated into 12 languages. Think about it— While you’re reading one of Lois’ novels someone else half a world away may be reading the very same book!

Teacher and Speaker

As a former instructor for Writer’s Digest School, teacher and speaker from Canada to Texas, and New York to California and Hawaii, Lois has taught writing, motivational, and inspirational topics…

Lately I've Been Thinking...

Are there times when it’s important to be uneasy or afraid?


Sometimes we feel uneasy because of the things we see happening around us.  If you feel uneasy (often a jiggly kind of uncomfortable feeling) about something, ask yourself why.  Is someone asking you to do something wrong—something that could get you into trouble?  Or is someone leading you to do something unsafe?

For instance, if you’re at a party, maybe one with high school kids, and you see or know that someone has slipped something alcoholic into the punch, it’s important to be uneasy.  You might even be afraid of what could happen.  ...

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Lois Walfrid Johnson writes stories kids love. When they were young, my daughters read her Freedom Seekers books, and really enjoyed them. These are stories that not only entertain, but call children to conviction, courage and Christ-centered living. I highly recommend Lois and these excellent books.

Randy Alcorn Author of Deception, The Treasure Principle, and Heaven.