I find it amazing that you’ve written from over 40 countries to tell me that you like the books I write and the people who are my characters. I’m delighted and so is my husband Roy!  If you want to know a big secret, some of those characters are amazingly like our Scandinavian relatives!  (Don’t tell them!!!) Because of our family histories, it’s a special pleasure for me to have the Scandinavian Gift Shop in Alexandria, Minnesota sell my books in their store and through their website. The owners, Sandy Sheets and Heidi Bergerson, are heartwarming sisters who have managed the Scandinavian Gift Shop for five years. Heidi’s husband, Chad Bergerson, builds their website and fills online orders. You’ll find that link when you order my books online. When you write please tell Sandy, Heidi, and Chad thanks! for giving me more time to answer your frequent request– please, Lois, write more books!

  • Kathy Berres wrote:

    Hi Lois, I know of you from Vision of Glory Lutheran Church back in late 70s, early 80s. I think you lived in Wisconsin then? I have your early books that I bought for my children who are now nearing and in their 40s. Keeping them for my grandchildren to read in a few years.
    I live near Alex. So may run into you some day at the Scandinavian shop!
    Kathy Berres Reply
  • Erica wrote:

    I simply want to say I’m new to blogging and definitely liked your blog. More than likely I’m going to bookmark your website. You definitely have incredible writings.

    Thank you, Erica! Thanks for writing! Lois Reply
  • Anna wrote:

    Hello Mrs. Johnson.
    I only want to say that i Love your Books so much. I'm from Germany and i'm every Time so happy when i See that a new version from your Books in the German Translationen are here. Please Write More about caleb and libby i want read More about them. All my friends read your Books and they all are in love with them. Tank you very much and God bless you.
    Anna :) Reply
    • lwj wrote:

      Thank you, Anna, for writing from Germany. Right now a translator is working on the third Freedom Seekers book. It should be out soon. Hope you enjoy it!

      Love, Lois Reply
    • lwj wrote:

      Thank you, Anna, for writing. It's fun to hear from Germany! Some more books about Caleb and Libby are being translated right now. Soon you'll be able to read those too!

      God bless YOU! Love, Lois Reply
  • Emily wrote:

    Mrs. Johnson-
    Please write another series about Libby and Caleb. I want to read more about them and what happens when they get older. You are such a great writer and your books have helped me a lot. I'm going through kinda of a tough time right now, and I just finished the Freedom Seekers. They've been very helpful. Thank you and God bless!
    Emily Reply
    • lwj wrote:

      Thank you, Emily, for wanting to read more about Libby and Caleb. When I'm writing I learn to love my characters and also want to write more. But right now I can't promise because I'm in the midst of doing something else (still a secret!)

      I'm sorry that you've been going through a tough time. I'm very grateful that the Freedom Seekers helped you. I pray the Lord's continuing help as you need it. And I also ask that he gives you Bible verses that you can repeat to yourself. That's BIG for all of us! One of my favorites is Deut. 31:8.

      Love and hugs-- Lois Reply
      • Aya wrote:

        There is something for everyone in this collection. English and Armenian speaking kids alike can enjoy these classic stories with a comical twist. The books in Armenian are an excellent read for kids in Armenian School programs. The illustrations are engaging and since the stories are familiar, our kids are more eager to read these in Armenian and reinforce their Armenian speaking and reading skills. Reply
        • lwj wrote:

          What fun to have you write! I'm glad your children are enjoying my stories. Have my books been translated into Armenian? Blessings upon you and your children! Lois Reply
    • Costelus wrote:

      I bought the enrtie collection of books for my kids, and also for my nephews who live in California. The kids' ages range from 4-10 yrs. old, and all of them enjoy the books. My kids find the books to be funny and fun to read. My husband and I appreciate the creative way that the books reinforce the Armenian language and culture to our kids. Great initiative by the author to capture in story-form what we as Armenian parents have experienced during our youth. As more and more generations of American-Armenians grow farther away from our foreign-born parents' customs and rituals, these books allow us to bring the concepts back and share the funny anecdotes with our children so that they can continue to exist in their repetoire of the Armenian culture. Reply
      • lwj wrote:

        Hi my new friend! I'm delighted that you find my books helpful. Are your family roots from near Bogota, Columbia, or from somewhere in Asia? Blessings upon you and your family-- Lois Reply

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