Thanks to all of you who have e-mailed me from Germany.  What fun it is to hear how much you like the 10 mystery novels in the Die Abenteuerwälder  —  The Adventure Woods  series!

I’ve also heard good reports from those of you who are learning German.  In addition to your language study you’ve enjoyed reading the Northwoods novels in German.  The cliffhangers at the end of every chapter make it fun for you.  You’ve liked Kate, Anders, Erik, and the entire Northwoods family.  You’ve been great detectives, solving the mysteries.  It’s been fun for you, and you’ve also grown in your understanding and use of the German language.

Now whether you live in Germany or want to learn the language you can read more novels in German— Der Abenteuer Fluss  —  The Adventure River series.  Before Christmas the first German novel came out and is called Der flught in der Nacht, Flight During the Night.  Those of you reading in English know this series as The Riverboat Adventures or in the new Moody edition, The Freedom Seekers series, and the first novel as Escape into the Night.

For Christmas some readers in Germany received Escape During the Night.  Lois has received heartwarming e-mails from some of them.  But there’s also something else that’s exciting!  Some of the readers of Lois’ novels in English have grown up to become her editors.  But Franziska Sägesser, who lives in Switzerland, is the first reader to become the translator of one of her books!  Presently Franzisca is also translating the second novel in the series.

Whether you’re studying the German language or reading in English, you’ll like seeing the cover of the first German novel in this series.  Andreas Fett is the graphic artist—the illustrator—and has created an amazing view of the Mississippi River waterfront (also known as the levee) in 1857.  Take a good look at the majestic steamboats of that time.  Study the people and what they’re doing.  Look for the mud clerk, a young man who would be standing in mud if it rained. He collects the fares from steamboat passengers.  Look for a girl with white-blond hair in a pink dress.  Could she be Libby’s friend Elsa?  What different kinds of things are the people doing?

And enjoy the lovely colors in the painting.  Colors that will draw your attention and then warm your heart!

  • Eleah wrote:

    Dear Lois Walfrid Johnson,
    I'm a 15 year old girl from Austria and I totally love your books. It was so nice to read them! All this books (especially Adventures of the Northwoods) are among my favourite books.
    I read all the books of "The Freedom Seekers", "Adventures of the Northwoods" and "Viking Quest" and I'm very sad, that there are only 6 volumes of Freedom Seekers and only 5 volumes of Vinking Quest! Furthermore, the fifth volume of viking quest has not yet been translated into german - I am already curious how it will continue.
    Thanks for all your books, they have encouraged me many times.
    God bless you and your family,
    Eleah Reply
  • Susana wrote:

    Of the panoply of websites I've pored over this has the most veracity. Susana

    Great! Thanks for writing! Lois Reply

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