Endorsements for the FREEDOM SEEKERS SERIES:

“Learning about something that happened 150 years ago typically does not
appeal to young adults. Through the Freedom Seekers series, Lois Walfrid
Johnson finds a way to change that. Intertwining fictional characters with
real-life people and critical moments in American history, she creates
novels certain to catch the attention of readers, and then leaves them
wanting to read and learn more. Johnson does an incredible job of bringing
us into the lives of the American people in 1857. These adventure-filled,
educational books should be read by young adults everywhere.”

Bill Ingebrigtsen

Minnesota State Senator and Former Douglas County Sheriff


“Lois Walfrid Johnson writes stories kids love. When they were young, my
daughters read her Freedom Seekers books, and really enjoyed them. These are
stories that not only entertain, but call children to conviction, courage
and Christ-centered living. I highly recommend Lois and these excellent

Randy Alcorn, author of Deception, The Treasure
Principle, and Heaven.

Website: www.epm.org

Teachers Say…

Keep using the gift the Lord has given you.
In a time of darkness you are providing light in the


—Finn Laursen, Executive Director,
Christian Educators Association International,


I’m sure you know what a fine author Lois Walfrid Johnson is, but I want you to know, from my perspective, what a treasure she is as a teacher and spiritual mentor, as well. I would highly recommend her seminars to groups at any experience level. She particularly has a heart for encouraging teenage writers, and several attended that day.”

—Joyce K. Ellis, Seminar Director, Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild


We thoroughtly enjoyed hosting you for this magnificent seminar in Fargo/Moorhead. I have heard on many occasions how wonderful you were in working with our kids…and many parents were touched when you prayed for our children. You were beyond a special speaker, and a teacher who cared for our children from your very heart. So, we wish to thank you for the privilege of hosting you.”

—Sherrie Frank, R.E.A.C.H. Seminar Coordinator

Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN


Our students responded with enthusiasm to her lively presentation. They wrote an illustrated group story and were anxious to read the rest of the mysteries written by the real live author! Students and teachers considered Lois Walfrid Johnson to be a hard-working, skillful writer and a caring, new friend.”

—Mary Aspenes and Fourth Grade Teachers, Hayward, Wisconsin Elementary School


Imagine trying to keep about 200 kids, ranging in age from kindergarten to high school, occupied for an hour and a half talking about books. Lois Walfrid Johnson did, and then came back after lunch and led a group workshop that lasted another hour and a half. And the children looked like they were enjoying every minute.”

—Anne Bowen, Staff Writer,Chippewa, WI Herald (about day with home-schooling association)


Lois can speak to a wide age range in her presentations because she relates stories to the lives of the audience. She helps others see that her book characters struggle with the same problems, decisions, and feelings that we do today. Children and adults alike are fascinated to learn how Lois does her research for historical fiction, and how people she meets influence the direction of her stories.

“Using Escape into the Night as a common ground for discussion, Lois taught the students practical skills for brainstorming story ideas, organizing thoughts to plan a story, and developing believable characters. Lois has the ability to draw children out, stir their thinking, and help them expand their writing skills. She interacts freely with them, invites their ideas and responses, and gently encourages them to develop their own stories. Students left her workshop believing they had worthwhile ideas to write about.

“One word summarizes the key to Lois’ presentations: relationships. She loves and values children and conveys that to them. It comes through her voice, her eyes, and her conversations with individual children, as well as through the numerous books she writes for them. I wholeheartedly recommend Lois Walfrid Johnson to you as an author, speaker, and teacher. Everyone who hears her will be enriched.”

—Linda Joyce Heaner, Vice President, Richfield Home Educators, Richfield, MN


“I’ve used Escape into the Night in my classroom for many years
and am thrilled to see the new Freedom Seekers edition coming out with study
guides. My students have always enjoyed the well-developed characters and
engaging storylines. As a teacher I have appreciated the historical accuracy
and timeless spiritual truths.”

—Jocelyn Anderson, Our Redeemer’s Christian School, Minot, ND


“It’s difficult to find a series of books written for a variety of age
groups with both boys and girls and yet remain historically accurate. Mrs.
Johnson has succeeded in doing so in the Freedom Seekers series. Set in a
geographic area that runs north and south, she describes weather conditions
and topographical features which impacted the daring adventures of the main
characters, their clothing, and even their food. While developing the
character of Peter, Mrs. Johnson visited with students at the Illinois
School for the Deaf, including students in my classroom. We compared and
contrasted the life of Peter to their lives. After all, Peter could have
stood in our classroom! Often children become a lifelong reader, simply
because they relate to a character in a book. My students related to Peter,
not only because he was deaf, but because he had so much more in common with

—Kathleen Cook, Illinois School for the Deaf, Jacksonville, IL

“I want to thank you on behalf of my class and their families for your
wonderful books. I teach a reading class at a homeschool co-op in Washington
State. I can’t count how many times the parents of my students have thanked
me for the class and told me that their child never enjoyed reading like
they do now. They have to hold their children back from reading ahead of the
others! So many families who are not in my class have begun to read your
books. We may have started an epidemic, and one that I am happy to be a part
of! I hope you have more books on the horizon. Your fans here in Gig Harbor,
Washington will be on the lookout for them!”

—MaryAnn King


Children, teens, and families say…

“Your books have encouraged me in trusting in God more and more. Your
characters, especially Libby Norstad, Caleb Whitney, and Jordan Parker,
sound just so realistic! I sometimes wish that they were real!!!!!! I like
how you introduced a new character [Peter] in the 4th book. It kept the
story even more exciting than it is!”

—S., Texas


“After I read one of your books I often end up asking myself, Would I
have helped slaves or not? I have come up with an answer. I would help them
because all people are equal and have the right to be free in the sight of

—C. B., Kentucky


“We love how you incorporate biblical principles into your stories. When
Caleb trusts God and Libby struggles in the same areas we do, it shows us
that through God we can overcome every obstacle, because He is our light and
our salvation.”

—C. Family, Ohio

Summing it up

Lois Walfrid Johnson asks the right questions. When a bad law contradicts
God’s higher law how do we stand on our Constitutional privileges for what
is wise and just? Her Freedom Seeker novels point the way to living with