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A former public school teacher and instructor for Writer’s Digest School, Lois has taught every age level from pre-school to college and university students to mature adults. All classes are adjusted according to the level and experience of the students. Lois’ teaching is interactive and she encourages participation and questions. In addition to her often-requested favorites she continues to develop new classes.

For inspirational or motivational topics for adult groups, media topics, or a partial list of places where Lois has taught writing, click here. For fiction or non-fiction writing classes see variety of situatios listed below.

Christian and General Interest Writers’ Conferences:

For keynotes, workshops, or comprehensive classes see below. E-mail Lois for questions.

Christian Schools: From the workshops listed below, choose topics for three hours of teaching. Depending on the size of individual classes, we often combine 2 or 3 classes that meet at one time. Grades 3-12. When requested, Lois also speaks at chapel.

Home Educators: For coops: If you wish, begin with a family night–a 45-minute or one-hour gathering for the entire family. Hear “The Story Behind the Story” and/or helpful practical ideas for getting off to a great start or continuing to grow in your writing. For the next day choose a package of any three workshops, divided according to groups in grades 3-12. Parents invited to be onlookers so they can help their students when they return home. Lois also teaches home educators at regional and state conferences. New topic: The Freedom Seekers

Young Author Conferences, Public and Private Schools: From the workshops listed below, choose topics for three hours of teaching. Adapted as needed for your situation. In schools we often combine 2 to 3 classes that meet at one time. Grades 3 and up.

Public libraries: Student or Family Groups: 30-35 minute presentation about what it means to be an author, an inside look into how to create a story or novel, and tips for your own writing. Topic: The Story Behind the Story.

Librarians: Topic: What I Learned at the Library on the Way to Becoming an Author or current topic.

Bookstores: Brief talk along with booksigning. Your choice!

For classes choose from the following topics or inquire about other possibilities. Always adapted to your situation.

Topic 1: How to Create YourOwn Awesome Story
Topic 2: New workshop: Build Your Character’sCharacter: From Dorothy’s Tin Man to Human Beings. Hands-on: Bring paper & pen.
Topic 3: Bring Your Character to Life!
Topic 4: How to Research & Begin Writing Your Story or Novel
ForParents & Caregivers: Using Novels to Make History Real
Books That Inspire Courage-based Decision Making
Using Books to Help Children Grow
ForWriters’ Conferences(For comprehensive classes see below.) Keynote and Endnote topics
Workshop 1: Fiction topics: 1-4 above, adjusted to age, writing experience & situation:
Workshop 2: New workshop: Creating Scenes that Sell
Workshop 3: New workshop:Build Your Novel Step by Step Writing Fiction with a World View
Non-fiction topics:
Workshop 1: Writing Articles that Speak to Today’s Needs
Workshop 2: Writing the Truth You Want to Tell
Workshop 3: Writing a Personal Experience Article
Workshop 4: How to Write a How-to Article
All workshops and comprehensive classes are practical and hands on. Workshop difficulty and length (50 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes) according to age level and experience of the students. Talk to Lois about adjusting to your need.

When you e-mail Lois (click here) mention the kind of group you represent and the age/grade level of your students. She will send more detailed information specifically targeted to your school, home educator group, university, writer’s conference, or other situation.

Writing Fiction that Lives (comprehensive class)

May be 3-5 days with 2 1/2 to 3 hours of classroom time each day or a 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday. Everything you need to brainstorm for ideas, organize your plot, and begin writing. Create a short story or begin to develop the novel you’d like to write. Learn how to turn your ideas into real-life characters and in-depth plots.

Writing Non-fiction to Inspire (comprehensive class)

May be 3-5 days with 2 1/2 to 3 hours of classroom time each day or a 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday. Whether you wish to write one article or a non-fiction book discover the patterns of writing for commonly published non-fiction pieces.

Contact Information:

Please contact Lois to inquire about author visits or adult presentations.


Best-selling author Lois Walfrid Johnson is a friend of families. With 38 books and 14 updated editions she has published fiction and nonfiction books for four age levels.Lois’ novels are frequently read in schools, home educator, family, and cross-generational groups. Her work has been published in English-speaking countries throughout the world and translated into 12 languages. She has received reader mail from over 40 countries.

“I’m homeschooled, and we’ve been studying Vikings for awhile. We read lots of books. Right now we’re reading book number three of the Viking Quest series by Lois Walfrid Johnson. This year I took a writing class from her. We learned about being a writer and how to write a story. I liked the class. I like the books she writes because they have lots of adventures.”

—Alexander, 9, MN


“Books are my friends. Sometimes my other friends walk away from me, but books never do.”

—Lindsey, 9, South Dakota

Lois enjoys talking with all of you at meetings, workshops, conferences, and conventions around the country.

“Mrs. Johnson has a genuine, sincere rapport with any age group. When she spoke to teachers, some brought their children to listen. When she spoke to students, other teachers came to hear her.”

—Emma Kolander, Past President,

Northwest Wisconsin Reading Council

Lois reading Mystery of the Missing Map with two Minnesota homeschoolers. Along with others in their group, Destiny, left, and Josiah used the Adventures of the Northwoods and the Riverboat Adventures novels in their lessons.