Viking Quest Book 4: Heart of Courage

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Devin and Briana O’Toole are facing the biggest adventure of their lives. In exchange for Bree’s freedom, they have agreed to make one voyage on the new Viking ship Conquest. With Mikkel they sail from Norway, to Iceland, to Greenland, encountering the dangers of the Northern waters and an unknown enemy within the ship’s crew. What will happen when Bree, Devin, and Mikkel join Leif Erikson to sail to the New World? Will the hardships be worth it in the end, or will Bree remain a slave?

Mikkel, the young captain of the Conquest is full of ambition. More than anything, he has always wanted wealth and fame. But he will need courage to lead his men on such a perilous journey—and to regain his lost honor. He doesn’t even want to think about letting Bree go free.

Only God can give Mikkel, Bree, and Devin a heart of courage for the challenges that lie ahead.

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