All Viking Quest

Exciting historical fiction with edge-of-your-seat adventure sure to keep you reading!

Because the main characters mature five years, these novels are best read in sequence.

Viking Quest Book 1: Raiders from the Sea

When Briana O'Toole rescues a stranger from drowning, she doesn't realize that her actions may have put her family and neighbors in danger. Then, in one harrowing day, Viking raiders capture Bree and her brother Devin and take them away from t [...]

Viking Quest Book 2: Mystery of the Silver Coins

Bree and another young prisoner make a daring escape from the Viking ship. Soon they face a physical and spiritual battle for survival on a Norwegian mountainside. What will they eat? Where can they hide? How will they find the courage to win? [...]

Viking Quest Book 3: The Invisible Friend

Deep in the Norwegian fjords the Viking ship comes to shore. Mikkel, the prideful young leader, is home, but Briana O'Toole faces a new, uncertain life. What will happen to her and the other Irish taken as prisoners? Soon Bree feels sure th [...]

Viking Quest Book 4: Heart of Courage

Devin and Briana O'Toole are facing the biggest adventure of their lives. In exchange for Bree's freedom, they have agreed to make one voyage on the new Viking ship Conquest. With Mikkel they sail from Norway, to Iceland, to Greenland, encount [...]

Viking Quest Book 5: The Raider’s Promise

During her years as a captive of Mikkel, the Viking raider, Briana O'Toole has longed to return to her family and resume her life in Ireland. Yet she has changed. Bree finds herself excited to be on Mikkel's ship Conquest and be part of the di [...]

Viking Quest Series Set

All five books from the Viking Quest Series: Raiders from the Sea Mystery of the Silver Coins The Invisible Friend Heart of Courage The Raider's Promise