It depends on your age and experience and how much you’ve worked at writing. Where are you in your schooling? Seek out good writing courses. Keep improving your writing. Understand the importance of timing.

The most important thing is not getting published but learning to write. If you’re still in school you might find a magazine that accepts writing from young people your age. Or perhaps you can write for a group at your school or church. One girl told me she wrote short articles in her local home-schooling newsletter. A number of students have published their own newsletters or magazines, and they’re GREAT!

Here’s another idea: You’ll learn a lot about writing by reading good books, then writing reviews. It helps you think through what you like about a book and then what you’d like to include in your own writing. Recently I discovered a girl named Jessica who reviewed two of my books, Escape into the Night and Race for Freedom, online. Not only is she accurate. She also creates interest in a novel and doesn’t spoil the secrets in a story by giving away cliffhangers or too much information. She’s already a great reviewer, and I hope that she continues writing. offers a good opportunity for readers to write reviews. Be accurate so people can trust what you say. Be fair. Be enthusiastic. Give a specific reason why you like a book. And don’t forget that your church newsletter may need someone to review books for young people your age.

All these ideas can offer you great experience in writing to fulfill a certain need. That’s what you want to learn to do. But remember—look for the right timing about getting published. It’s important to understand the right sequence in your writing. Have fun with it. Learn and grow. And publication can come at the right time.

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