Viking Quest School Project

Minnesota students, Judd and Jeremiah, needed to do a school project with a missions perspective. They chose the Viking Quest series and portrayed Lois as a missionary going to Norway through her books. They didn’t know that long ago when she was disappointed about not being able to teach writing to Christians in India, the Lord made Acts 2:8 real to her. Check it out!

  • Bethany wrote:

    I’d love to find out more About the Viking quest school project!!

    We homeschool and love the loud walfrid Johnston books. We started with Kate and Anders. Next we met Libby and are currently fleeing from Mikkel the tyrant with Bree. We read these aloud as a family. Thank you for writing these Lois! Reply
  • Darlene Melcher wrote:

    Do you have any reading guides available for the Viking Quest books? I'm a teacher at a Christian school and I'd like to use these books in class. Reply
  • Christina King wrote:

    Read the Viking Quest series to my children. All of them loved our reading time and begged to go on. Now that we have finished my oldest wants more! Is there another book planned? Reply
  • Joanne Seymour wrote:

    I have the first four books of the Viking Quest series in Norwegian. Did you ever get the last one translated to Norwegian? Reply
    • lwj wrote:

      Hi Joanne--
      I'm sorry to tell you that the fifth Viking Quest book has not been translated into Norwegian. If you have the first four you must be reading in Norwegian. Are you from Norway? As you can probably tell I love that beautiful country. I was wonderfully blessed to travel there while researching the VQ books and I am grateful to the people who helped me. Do you have the fifth book in English so you were able to finish the series?

      Mange takk for writing! Lois

      M Reply
    • lwj wrote:

      I'm sorry, no. Please read it in English, even though you're able to read Norwegian! Lois Reply
  • Ruth Good wrote:

    I am 69 years old but I love your books as much as my teenaged friends. I found one of your Northwood series books at a used book site that I was searching for used textbooks. I read all night and couldn't wait for the next one to arrive. I also purchased Viking Quest,and Freedon Fighters series with the same sleepy days as a consequence. I gave the books to a family who is homeschooling their 3 girls. What a motivator! Mom started letting the eldest read ONE chapter aloud at bed time. Pure Torture! So now they earn more chapters by doing homework and chores on time cheerfully. A couple of days ago the middle daughter said "This lady sure knows how to tell a story." Then I was instructed to watch for any new Lois W. Johnson series. Reply
    • lwj wrote:

      How fun! It's great to hear from you! Sorry about the sleepy days you've experienced, but I know what you mean because it happens to me when I find a book I especially like. Thanks for passing on your Northwoods books to homeschoolers. I love it when something I write helps kids enjoy learning. The Northwoods novels grew to a series of 10 books with home base in Northwest Wisconsin because I heard wonderful stories from families who had lived next to each other for nearly 100 years. And yes, Big Gust really lived! Then my husband and I picked out favorite places and traveled there to research--Duluth, MN, River Falls and Taylors Falls, WI, Upper Michigan. What fun! Blessings! Lois Reply
      • Julie wrote:

        Wow! This could be one of the most helpful blogs we have ever come across on this subject. Excellent! I'm also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work. Reply
        • lwj wrote:

          Good! I'm glad it was helpful! LOis Reply

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