All Freedom Seekers

From the golden age of steamboats, the rush of immigrants to new land, and the dangers of the Underground Railroad, come true-to-life stories of a never-give-up family you’ll want to know.

In 1857, when rivers were the highways of the time, Libby, her father Captain Norstad, Caleb, Jordan, and their friends faced life-and-death questions still crucial today:

• Who can I trust?
• What do I really care about?
• What does it mean to be a never-give-up family?
• How can I live my belief in the freedoms sought in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights?
• What practical skills do I need develop?
• How can I make choices based on biblical principles?

The Freedom Seekers series weaves together fictional characters with carefully researched people who lived or were known in 1857. Each novel stands alone but is best read in sequence to see the growth of characters and relationships.

Study guides and other educational helps in each novel.

Freedom Seekers Book 1: Escape into the Night

Libby's life changes drastically when she comes to live on the steamboat Christina. Though rich in material things, she recognizes her emotional poverty when she discovers the secret and dangerous work of 14-year-old Caleb, a conductor in the [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 2: Race for Freedom

A suspicious man boards the Christina, and Caleb and Libby know that the fugitive slave Jordan risks capture by his cruel owner. Then Elsa, a newfound immigrant friend, faces illness and possible death. As the Christina enters an historic stea [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 3: Midnight Rescue

Proud and determined, Libby thinks she can do whatever she sets out to do. Instead, runaway horses, an escaped convict, and a broken log raft get in the way. As Jordan makes plans to rescue his family from slavery, Libby gives away a life-or-d [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 4: The Swindler’s Treasure

"Sometimes there's a cost to doing the right thing," says Captain Norstad after standing up to a swindler. But the cost is high—the possible loss of his steamboat. Then a theft threatens Jordan's reputation. As the Christina's family faces d [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 5: Mysterious Signal

"I want to be safe," Libby thinks, but faces a sacrifice she dreads. Dangerous men threaten Jordan, his father, and Peter. Can they find a mysterious signal and reach a safe house in time? Can the friends escape a steamboat accident to pay off [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 6: The Fidler’s Secret

In the midst of Libby's matchmaking attempts to bring together her widowed father and Annika, a gifted violinist boards the Christina. As Jordan wonders about the possibility of his family living in Minnesota Territory, the Freedom Seekers fac [...]

Freedom Seekers Set

All six books from the Freedom Seekers Series: Escape into the Night Race for Freedom Midnight Rescue The Swindler's Treasure The Mysterious Signal The Fiddler's Secret