“Every book, every novel, every story I write is a special letter from me to you. My love and warm best wishes to each one of you—“

Friend of Families,
– Lois

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Die Abenteuerwälder 6: Das geheimnisvolle Versteck (The Mysterious Hideout)

(German Translation) What secret could be hidden in the one-room schoolhouse at Spirit Lake? From the very first day, the spring term promises to be different from any other in the school's history. First, there's a new student who's older th [...]

Die Abenteuerwälder 7: Opas gestohlener Schatz (Grandpa’s Stolen Treasure)

(German Translation) Full of anticipation, Kate and her family wait for her grandpa and grandma from Sweden to arrive on the train. When the Blueberry Special comes in, and the last passenger steps from the train, Grandpa and Grandma are nowh [...]

Die Abenteuerwälder 8: Der flüchtende Clown (The Escaping Clown)

(German Translation) The circus is coming with the most daring acts ever performed....and a lot of trouble! The Nordstrom family travels to River Falls, Wisconsin to see the circus and stay with Kate's best friend from Minneapolis. Even Micha [...]

Die Abenteuerwälder 9: Das Geheimnis der verlorenen Karte (The Mystery of the Lost Map)

(German Translation) Kate, Anders, and Erik travel to Michigan's Upper Peninsula where Kate's Irish relatives live as caretakers of a mansion. Kate is excited to meet her cousin Megan, and it turns out that the two girls could be twins—exce [...]

Die Abenteuerwälder I0: Die unheimliche Drohung (The Scary Threat)

(German Translation) Kate, Anders, and Erik head to a stable to buy a horse for Kate. A beautiful black stallion is for sale, but when she discovers she can buy two poorly cared for horses for the price of one, Kate strikes a deal. While ridi [...]

Either Way, I Win: God’s Hope for Difficult Times

A speaker and frequent leader of spiritual retreats, Lois started writing this book as a guide to growth in the power of prayer. Then life took an abrupt turn. As she faced a life-threatening diagnosis of cancer, Lois had no choice but to a [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 1: Escape into the Night

Libby's life changes drastically when she comes to live on the steamboat Christina. Though rich in material things, she recognizes her emotional poverty when she discovers the secret and dangerous work of 14-year-old Caleb, a conductor in the [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 2: Race for Freedom

A suspicious man boards the Christina, and Caleb and Libby know that the fugitive slave Jordan risks capture by his cruel owner. Then Elsa, a newfound immigrant friend, faces illness and possible death. As the Christina enters an historic stea [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 3: Midnight Rescue

Proud and determined, Libby thinks she can do whatever she sets out to do. Instead, runaway horses, an escaped convict, and a broken log raft get in the way. As Jordan makes plans to rescue his family from slavery, Libby gives away a life-or-d [...]

Freedom Seekers Book 4: The Swindler’s Treasure

"Sometimes there's a cost to doing the right thing," says Captain Norstad after standing up to a swindler. But the cost is high—the possible loss of his steamboat. Then a theft threatens Jordan's reputation. As the Christina's family faces d [...]