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Best-selling novels set in the early 1900’s in Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin, and Michigan, these compelling, historically accurate stories attract reluctant, average, and gifted readers. Both boys and girls identify with characters who face danger and mystery while learning to deal with peer pressure, family relationships, and the need for unconditional love and forgiveness.

Die Abenteuerwälder 9: Das Geheimnis der verlorenen Karte (The Mystery of the Lost Map)

(German Translation) Kate, Anders, and Erik travel to Michigan's Upper Peninsula where Kate's Irish relatives live as caretakers of a mansion. Kate is excited to meet her cousin Megan, and it turns out that the two girls could be twins—exce [...]

Die Abenteuerwälder I0: Die unheimliche Drohung (The Scary Threat)

(German Translation) Kate, Anders, and Erik head to a stable to buy a horse for Kate. A beautiful black stallion is for sale, but when she discovers she can buy two poorly cared for horses for the price of one, Kate strikes a deal. While ridi [...]